Thursday, October 15, 2009

Christian Truitt, 5th yr. Architecture student explains LUMENHAUS'S Eclipsis System

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  1. Yeah, those privacy screens might be okay during the day, but unless they provide complete pitch-black darkness in the bedroom at *any* time you need/want to sleep, they're useless. The designers seem to think that everybody wants to get up at the crack of dawn. That's NOT the case -- but everyone *does* need complete darkness for healthy sleep. Ask the sleep researchers and biologists: even a 2-watt nightlight produces enough light pollution to prevent the body from making the necessary melatonin (which helps your body repair itself and stave off things like cancer) and from getting a good night's sleep, which your body needs for many other reasons.

    That house design might provide complete darkness in the bedroom if it's out in the country with no streetlights, but not after dawn, and not in the city or suburbs -- which makes it useless as a urban design (and that's what we need: realistic **urban** designs, not more exurban homes for the superrich).

    As for the open plan ... Open plans are a nice idea that don't work in practice unless you live alone. An office in the core? They're kidding, right?? There's only room enough to plop down a laptop or iPad with maybe a printer, but not enough to have a desk and chair or filing cabinets or library shelves or storage space for office supplies.

    An office is a room with a door where you spread out your notes, computer, and whatever else you need, work in private (literally shut out everyone and everything else), and then leave and shut the door on your work so that nobody disturbs it while you're gone and no one has to see your mess. That's not what we have here. A cabinet for your laptop is NOT an office!! And if you have a full-time office at home in which you have to see clients, an open plan like this ABSOLUTELY does NOT work. Your office is your office; it isn't supposed to double as your living room.

    BTW, this design flunks as a house for anyone with kids: you don't have anywhere to put them. Dumb, given that most adults marry and couples who never have kids are the exception. So who's it for, eh?? Not the masses, clearly. Another mistake.