Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lindsey Jones shows LUMENHAUS' Kitchen


  1. The LUMENHAUS is an inspiration to a lot of home builders here in Virginia. In fact, the kitchen design of the LUMENHAUS has been used for our house. The remodeling of our old kitchen was done by a very creative general contractor. Alexandria has been a great place to live in. I wish our house could be as eco-friendly as the LUMENHAUS. Well, everyone can help in their own way, right? Without the general contractors Alexandria, VA has and the young minds who have designed the LUMENHAUS, we wouldn't have the kitchen we have right now.

  2. I like the cabinet design! Thanks for the awesome idea. I might use that innovation for our file cabinets at our office in Fairfax, VA. Office space can be eaten up by a lot of paper piles and all that. You can't just throw those papers away, because some of them maybe important.

    As for the counter extension idea, maybe we can use that for our meeting rooms. Washington D.C. branch is usually the venue of our meetings, and there are times that the table space runs out, so maybe that idea of a counter extension maybe a good idea.

    The Lumenhaus has certainly become an inspiration for a lot of energy-savers, interior designers, architects, environmentalists, and a lot more. Thank you, Virginia Tech. for an awesome innovation!

  3. The idea of making the cabinets more friendly to those of us not >6' was something I asked my contractor about recently. I had been looking for something akin to the center over-head bins on the B777. Then I stumble onto Lumenhaus and there's the idea in practice. Very impressive.

    When my wife and I begin construction of our custom house in a year, it will very definitely incorporate many of the features innovated in Lumenhaus. I don't know if our architect will love or hate you folks.

    I do have some questions. Here in the Southwest, summer temps can exceed 100° for weeks, even months, so I wonder if some changes may be necessary. Particularly, I wonder how the ground-based heat pump will work to keep the structure cool? More specifically whether the thermodynamic energy balance may require a slight or not so slight change?

    Is the outside structure thermally decoupled from the internal structure to prevent the transfer of heat that would build-up in the external structure? This is something at which we are just beginning to look.

  4. I'm sorry, but did anyone bother to 'vet' that kitchen design with someone who actually cooks?? I think not! There's nowhere near enough storage space -- it's smaller than even the tiny condo kitchen I have, and there's no way all my kitchen stuff would fit into that kitchen (I have half of my stuff in hall closets right now), and I cook for one, but I really do cook nearly every day. A good thing that they made the upper shelves of the cabinets reachable, but it's still too little for storage unless you don't cook. How can you consider ways to increase counter space but *not* think about storage?? Really! Apparently, the designers assumed that the residents would only make breakfast and reheat take-out food the rest of the time. That's the only logical explanation.

    Mies made the same mistake, and he gave his client only one closet, which she had to argue for most strenuously. I marvel that nobody on your team learned from his errors.